Store & Payment

How to purchase items from PotsMC Store?

What are the payment methods available?

We accept:

  • PayPal (for all players)
  • Bank transfer/deposit (Hong Kong players only)
  • Faster Payment System (coming soon) (Hong Kong players only)

How can I make a proof of purchase after bank deposit/transfer?

After the payment, email the photo of the deposit slip or screenshot of the web page/app (reference number must be clearly seen) to [email protected]. Remember to include the following:
1. Order number
2. Your IGN

When will I receive my product(s) after payment?

After payment via PayPal, you should receive your product immediately. IF you paid through bank transfer/deposit, you should receive your product within 2 working days.

Can I make a refund?

Once a purchase is made, it cannot be refunded in any circumstances.



Why have I got muted/banned?

When you are muted, you will not be able to send messages through the chat in server. If you got muted, you may have violated the following rules:

  • Spamming
  • Disturbing other players or staff members
  • Using foul language
  • advertising

All chat records are backed up and decisions are made after careful analysis. If you are false-muted, please appeal at

Players are banned for violating server rules. If you got banned, you may have violated the following rules:

  • You used hack in the server
  • You connected to the server using a modified client (e.g. cheat/hack client). If you are using MultiMC, you may have been using forbidden mods
  • Actions that spoils other players’ experience

If you are false-banned, please appeal at

Reminder: Do not disturb staff members to  un-ban or un-mute you earlier. Every appeal will get a response.

I got banned even though I have never played on the server WHAT THE HELL?!

Pots Network is a member of Light Alliance. Under the rules of Light Alliance, problematic players on list are taken action when they try to join servers of allied organizations (e.g. highlighted, banned). On the contrary, if you seriously violate our server rules, not only you will get banned from our server but also having your IGN reported to the Minecraft Unified Message Exchange Network (Minecraft 聯合信息交流網路), seriously affecting your Minecraft gaming experience. For details please refer to