Our story

On 13 November 2016, HKxGamer was founded.

In February 2017, HKxGamer put their first Minecraft server into public beta

In August 2017, hackers blew up the server map, destroying the whole Minecraft server. In the same month, HKxGamer broke up due to improper management. There had been a lot of downside but we could not found a solution to fix, making things even worse.

On 10 September 2017, the remaining staff members of HKxGamer made reflections towards the old HKxGamer and to improve inter-staff communication within the organization. We decided to open up a new Minecraft server, namely PotsMC. Pots Network was founded

In February 2018, PotsMC server was open beta.

There have been a lot of competitors in Hong Kong, most of them are well developed. Our mission is never give up, look forward and be innovative.

Our future

The server is currently under heavy development. We hope to release the server before the 1st anniversary of Pots Network.

We would like to corporate with other server network to hold activities so as to improve inter-network relationships.

Special thanks to Adam Ho from Unique Network (formerly AnsqrByter Network) (now dismissed) for Pots Network logo design.